More bashing of Pinoy Idol

Ok, so the round of competitions for the top 12 has started last Saturday. At least they improved the set. I mean they’re now holding the competion in the Pinoy Idol theater in SM Mall of Asia. It’s a significant improvement but hey anything (I mean anything e.g. a set of a baranggay beauty contest) will be an improvement if we compare it to Pinoy Idol’s former stage At least we can now concentrate on other matters than on bashing their tasteless set and stage.

I guess we won’t really appreciate the talent and skills of the show’s finalists if they don’t improve their sound system. I mean hello. Even if the world’s best singers use their sound system I wouldn’t listen to them because of the quality of sound that reaches the tv audience thanks to the sound system that Pinoy Idol is using. I sometimes think that our transistor radio at home provides a better sound that what Pinoy Idol broadcasts. Please, improve it or just cancel the show. Hello, you’re supposed to be the biggest singing contest in the country but you’re even beaten by game shows like The Singing Bee for music quality.

Ano ba yan, hmm.. ang dami ko ng nasabi e wala pa ko sa judges, host, at contestants. I’m thinking the owners of the Idol franchise cringe when watching Pinoy Idol. Basta nakakahiya talaga. GMA has tainted the Idol franchise with their staging of Pinoy Idol with the poor quality and cheap image it has shown us in the past few weeks of the show. Yun na lang muna. I really sound too negative but I hope I’m not being offensive. I’m just saying what I think I see. What do you think?

What can you say about Pinoy Idol on GMA7?

I’ve only seen one episode of the three so far and it’s just ok. I’m beeing nice when I say it’s just ok. It wasn’t bad as I expected but it wasn’t good either. Of course there were moments on the show that kept me in stiches but that’s the only nice point I can give it. I guess it was right for me to lower my expectations when I learned about the show’s composition. Compared to ABC 5’s Philippine Idol, GMA 7’s Pinoy Idol seemed to be the production of a network with less resources. Maybe I should watch more to judge better. But how can I watch more when I don’t even get excited about this show? I remember when I first saw ABC 5’s version, after watching I said to myself that I’ll be following this show closely. As for GMA’s version, hmm… I have yet to see anything that would convince me to watch other episodes. But I’ll give the show one more try. I’ll watch this Saturday and see it from there. What do you think about Pinoy Idol on GMA7?

Congrats Mau for being the First Philippine Idol

I guess dreams really do come true for some people. Mau was able to do this last Sunday when it was announced that she won as the First Philippine Idol. The voting was close but the exact figures weren’t announced. In terms of percentage I think it was around 1% to 2% of a difference between the first place and the runner-up. But even if the results where this close, the people responded very well as they accepted Mau. So here’s my congratulations to you Mau! Good luck on your career. May you make the Philippines proud.

Huwat?! Pow Chavez bows out of Philippine Idol race!

Ok fine. So voting in the Philippines seems to be hopeless. We can’t seem to choose the right people to lead the government, and this seems to be happening as well in the voting for TV shows specifically Philippine Idol. Kahit ba naman sa pagboto ng Philippine idol hindi pa rin marunong bumoto ang Pilipino? Ano ba naman! Hindi talaga maganda to see an idol aspirant with so much promise and talent as Pow to go earlier than some who have remained. I’m sure everyone would agree that Pow wasn’t the worst performer on the performance night. Ok, Pow might have plateaued but that doesn’t mean she deserves to go this early the earliest exit I though that would befit her would be until the top three. Pow showed her wares early on that’s why we may think she plateaued. I couldn’t blame her for that. She is if i may say a prodigy in the competition since early on, we could see that she is really good and has what it takes to go the distance. It’s really bad to see her go. And it’s also bad that we only have one female idol hjopeful in the top four because of all these. We have two male idol hopefuls who I think should have gone earlier in the competition. Drae Ybanez and Reymond Sajor could easily beat these two guys in any competition wherein the results aren’t determined text votes which could easily be bought given the right financial resources.
I’ll be waiting for Mr. C to say to either to Miguel or Jan , ‘You have caused the ouster of Pow!’ (with matching thunder and lightning). Let’s just hope nothing worse happens like Gian or Mao going next. That would be really terrible. It may even prompt me not watch anymore. I’m sure a lot of viewers were disappointed last night. I hope they make a statement during next week’s result’s night.

Finally, Ken is eliminated from Philippine Idol

After six Idols have been stripped of their dream of becoming the Philippine Idol, Ken Dingle, the R&B specialist who came back from Australia is finally gets the least amount of votes in the compeition. This was the first time I was I did not feel so bad that somebody left the competition. I don’t hate Ken. I guess I just like the other Idol hopefuls better. So who do I think should be and will be the nextone to go? Miguel. Let’s see this coming Monday.

Apple Chiu exits Philippine Idol

Apple Chiu, who I think people remember as the auditionee who brought her whole barangay with her during auditions, and the auditionee who sang Sexbomb Dancers’ Ispageti as her audition piece, exited the Philippinne Idol competition with her last song being ‘Lady Marmalade.’ I don’t really like Apple but I was still sad to see her go. I don’t hate her or like for her to be elminated since she has delivered good performances from the start. Maybe I just like others idol hopefuls more than her but that doesn’t mean she deserves to go. What I felt when she was eliminated was the same feeling I felt when I watched the last few episodes of the US TV series Lost Season 2. I didn’t really like some of the characters in that TV series but I felt so bad to see some of the characters go. Ok fine I wouldn’t say who left in the TV series since I don’t want to sound like a spoiler. What I want to say is it made me sad. I’m not an Apple fan but I guess watching week after week attaches us viewers to the idol hopefuls just like Apple. Good luck to her in her future plans.

Jelli and Arms

Jelli and Arms are the 4th and 5th to go among the Final 12 of Philippine Idol. Do I think they deserved it? Not really, I thought there were other Idol hopefuls who should have left already long ago but are still in there. I guess toher people also say that about Jelli since she is the most lightweight in terms of vocal ability for the girls. I guess Jelli had her share of supporters who believe in her and in the overall package she provides if and when she becomes the Philippine Idol. As for Arms, I never thought Arms would go this soon. I didn't really like her at first. She seemed to have a strong personality. She seems to know that she is good. That was my first impression of her, but then as the weeks went by, Arms' personality isn't as strong as I first thought. She's the group's cry baby– easily crying over the next idol hopeful booted out. The more I see Arms perform, the more I was convinced that she is a contender and she can be the Philippine Idol. I guess it's just too bad for us to see them go. But on the bright side I guess their exit was better in the sense that they performed well before bowing out of the competition. At least they kind of signed of with a bang.