More bashing of Pinoy Idol

Ok, so the round of competitions for the top 12 has started last Saturday. At least they improved the set. I mean they’re now holding the competion in the Pinoy Idol theater in SM Mall of Asia. It’s a significant improvement but hey anything (I mean anything e.g. a set of a baranggay beauty contest) will be an improvement if we compare it to Pinoy Idol’s former stage At least we can now concentrate on other matters than on bashing their tasteless set and stage.

I guess we won’t really appreciate the talent and skills of the show’s finalists if they don’t improve their sound system. I mean hello. Even if the world’s best singers use their sound system I wouldn’t listen to them because of the quality of sound that reaches the tv audience thanks to the sound system that Pinoy Idol is using. I sometimes think that our transistor radio at home provides a better sound that what Pinoy Idol broadcasts. Please, improve it or just cancel the show. Hello, you’re supposed to be the biggest singing contest in the country but you’re even beaten by game shows like The Singing Bee for music quality.

Ano ba yan, hmm.. ang dami ko ng nasabi e wala pa ko sa judges, host, at contestants. I’m thinking the owners of the Idol franchise cringe when watching Pinoy Idol. Basta nakakahiya talaga. GMA has tainted the Idol franchise with their staging of Pinoy Idol with the poor quality and cheap image it has shown us in the past few weeks of the show. Yun na lang muna. I really sound too negative but I hope I’m not being offensive. I’m just saying what I think I see. What do you think?

What can you say about Pinoy Idol on GMA7?

I’ve only seen one episode of the three so far and it’s just ok. I’m beeing nice when I say it’s just ok. It wasn’t bad as I expected but it wasn’t good either. Of course there were moments on the show that kept me in stiches but that’s the only nice point I can give it. I guess it was right for me to lower my expectations when I learned about the show’s composition. Compared to ABC 5’s Philippine Idol, GMA 7’s Pinoy Idol seemed to be the production of a network with less resources. Maybe I should watch more to judge better. But how can I watch more when I don’t even get excited about this show? I remember when I first saw ABC 5’s version, after watching I said to myself that I’ll be following this show closely. As for GMA’s version, hmm… I have yet to see anything that would convince me to watch other episodes. But I’ll give the show one more try. I’ll watch this Saturday and see it from there. What do you think about Pinoy Idol on GMA7?