Apple Chiu exits Philippine Idol

Apple Chiu, who I think people remember as the auditionee who brought her whole barangay with her during auditions, and the auditionee who sang Sexbomb Dancers’ Ispageti as her audition piece, exited the Philippinne Idol competition with her last song being ‘Lady Marmalade.’ I don’t really like Apple but I was still sad to see her go. I don’t hate her or like for her to be elminated since she has delivered good performances from the start. Maybe I just like others idol hopefuls more than her but that doesn’t mean she deserves to go. What I felt when she was eliminated was the same feeling I felt when I watched the last few episodes of the US TV series Lost Season 2. I didn’t really like some of the characters in that TV series but I felt so bad to see some of the characters go. Ok fine I wouldn’t say who left in the TV series since I don’t want to sound like a spoiler. What I want to say is it made me sad. I’m not an Apple fan but I guess watching week after week attaches us viewers to the idol hopefuls just like Apple. Good luck to her in her future plans.