Jelli and Arms

Jelli and Arms are the 4th and 5th to go among the Final 12 of Philippine Idol. Do I think they deserved it? Not really, I thought there were other Idol hopefuls who should have left already long ago but are still in there. I guess toher people also say that about Jelli since she is the most lightweight in terms of vocal ability for the girls. I guess Jelli had her share of supporters who believe in her and in the overall package she provides if and when she becomes the Philippine Idol. As for Arms, I never thought Arms would go this soon. I didn't really like her at first. She seemed to have a strong personality. She seems to know that she is good. That was my first impression of her, but then as the weeks went by, Arms' personality isn't as strong as I first thought. She's the group's cry baby– easily crying over the next idol hopeful booted out. The more I see Arms perform, the more I was convinced that she is a contender and she can be the Philippine Idol. I guess it's just too bad for us to see them go. But on the bright side I guess their exit was better in the sense that they performed well before bowing out of the competition. At least they kind of signed of with a bang.