Ken is saved by telecom glitch

If the words of the Philippine Idol judges woere an inidcation of who will be eliminated on Pinoy band night, then Ken Dingle would have been the next person to go. Ken did not sound bad. He seemed unprepared for his performance since he invented his own lyrics three times or more during his performance. Mr C even said that his Philippine Idol journey should have ended earlier and that it is because of him that Drae Ybanez and Reymond Sajor have been eliminated. However, things did not go this way because of another technical glitch that happened during voting. So Ken has another week to live. Will he be able to redeem himself? Or have the viewers seen enough of him that even if he performs well this coming Sunday, he will receive the least amount of votes come Monday night?

2 thoughts on “Ken is saved by telecom glitch”

  1. Sorry I was busy with a lot of work lately. I guess now I have time to write a few more entries. I”m kind of excited to write again since at last someone said goodbye who I think deserved to go.

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