Reymond is eliminated

One of the best male aspirants for Philippine Idol has been eliminated. Reymond Sajor who sang Be My Lady got the least amount of votes and was eliminated. I've been following Philippine Idol religiously and this guy, Reymond, is one of the few consistent male candidates. Among the pool of contestants, Reymond is the only contestant who sounds like a CD when performing. He looks effortless while giving a very good voice quality in all his performances. It is a pity that the best two male performers were on the bottom two for that night. It was either Gian or Reymond who will be eliminated that night. For me that was really bad since these two set the standards for the male performers. I guess this is also the reason why Mr C lost his cool. O well, we'll see if the voters get to learn this time.

3 thoughts on “Reymond is eliminated”

  1. Filipino’s will never learn. This is politics in another genre. Hopeless case? Maybe yes or maybe not… I hate the fact that Filipinos vote not becuase of talent or credibility… Just like in our elections, Philippine Idol flaunts massive vote buying… Families of certain contestants (contestants who for goodness sake are never deserving at all) are lobbying for their contestants. They are never the less begging certain groups, even economic sectors to vote for their unworthy contestants. Giving thousands of loads will always be a part of this competition, a competition whic can never be called a talent competition per se. It will never be one, not until the management do something to stop the current trend of having the best ones eliminated first just because they have no fans-base.

    First there was Drae who gave one of the best performance during the showcase night and still he was eliminated. Then, there was Reymond who had delivered the best performance of the night. Next to be eliminated? Who knows? There’s a saying that lightning strikes thrice. I just hope that this will never be true here.

    Isn’tit possible that just for once Filipinos think before they vote? When will we learn?

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