Stef and Drae get the boot

So after two weeks of competition, the first two Philippine Idol casualties are Stef Lazaro and Drae Ybanez. It's kind of sad to see them go specially since they performed well on their last night. Steff sang Tina Turner's Proud May (Rollin on the river). The song was very appropriate for Stef since her voice (which FM said as 'basag na boses') is one of the things that will make the song Proud Mary work. Drae performed very well. However, they still failed to get enough votes to save them from elimination. Does the vote of the viewers reflect how the performed? I don't think so. I'm sureothers will agree with me that there were others who performed worse than these two but still made the cut. Do I think they should be booted out because of their performance that night? No.