Huwat?! Pow Chavez bows out of Philippine Idol race!

Ok fine. So voting in the Philippines seems to be hopeless. We can’t seem to choose the right people to lead the government, and this seems to be happening as well in the voting for TV shows specifically Philippine Idol. Kahit ba naman sa pagboto ng Philippine idol hindi pa rin marunong bumoto ang Pilipino? Ano ba naman! Hindi talaga maganda to see an idol aspirant with so much promise and talent as Pow to go earlier than some who have remained. I’m sure everyone would agree that Pow wasn’t the worst performer on the performance night. Ok, Pow might have plateaued but that doesn’t mean she deserves to go this early the earliest exit I though that would befit her would be until the top three. Pow showed her wares early on that’s why we may think she plateaued. I couldn’t blame her for that. She is if i may say a prodigy in the competition since early on, we could see that she is really good and has what it takes to go the distance. It’s really bad to see her go. And it’s also bad that we only have one female idol hjopeful in the top four because of all these. We have two male idol hopefuls who I think should have gone earlier in the competition. Drae Ybanez and Reymond Sajor could easily beat these two guys in any competition wherein the results aren’t determined text votes which could easily be bought given the right financial resources.
I’ll be waiting for Mr. C to say to either to Miguel or Jan , ‘You have caused the ouster of Pow!’ (with matching thunder and lightning). Let’s just hope nothing worse happens like Gian or Mao going next. That would be really terrible. It may even prompt me not watch anymore. I’m sure a lot of viewers were disappointed last night. I hope they make a statement during next week’s result’s night.