Girl’s performance night and results

After the Boy's results night, the competition for the girls should become more interesting with the judges becoming surprised with the boy's results. This was apparent with what the judges had to say after every performance. One line I remeber is Mr. Ryan Cayabyab saying 'Kung tama bumoto ang tao, pasok ka.'

I'll just give a brief run down of the contestants and their pieces:

Gail Blanco performed What's love gotta do with it. FM said it was ok. Pilita said she liked it while Mr C said the song ate her up.

Ting Otero sang Come in from the rain. FM said 'Papirmahin na ng kontrata.' Pilita said 'Iba talga ang Bisaya.' Ryan C said 'Nagustohan ko ang pagkanta mo.'

Ynah Pangan performed Aegis' Halik. FM said he likes the fact she sang ang OPM song. Pilita said she liked the choice of song. Mr C said 'Sugal ang pagpili mo sa kanta. Sa sugal nayun nanalo ka.'

Apple Chiu sang Rhythm of the street. FM said 'Kinareer ni Apple ang performance.' Pilita said 'I think you're very sexy. I like your performance.' Ryan Cayabyab said 'Buo ang boses niya. Di ko lang gusto ang kanta.'

Gelica Mateo performed Bridges. FM said 'I think that was creative.' Pilita said that what Geli did was a gamble, but she still liked the performance. Ryan C said she had to work on the song since she had pitch problems.

Ira Marasigan performed Mr. Melody. FM said 'May kulutra ang batang ito.' Pilita said the performance was good. MR C. said 'Ang galing mo maglakad.'

Pow Chavez sang Ikaw Lamang. FM said 'Pao, kailan ka magpapalda?' PIlita said 'I love you Pao!' Ryan Cayabyab said 'Yung boses mo punong-puno ng emosyon. Hindi mo na kailangan ng …(gimik)' I think Mr C was refering to the fact that Pao was almost in tears after her performance. In other words ang gusto lang naman sabihin ni Ryan ay Hija, wag ka na umarte diyan, magaling ka at di mo na kailangan ng ganyang arte para mapansin at manalo.

Stephanie Lazaro performed Home. Pilita she would have wanted to see more energy. Ryan Cayabyab said 'Sorry, nothing new.'

Mau Marcelo sang Sweet Love. FM said 'You deserve to be in the top 4 based on tonight. ' Pilita said 'I like the way you changed.' I think Mamita here was refering to Mau's weight-loss. Mr C said 'I don't understand why you're not yet an international recording artist.' He then stood up and gave Mau a standing ovation which is short of saying with the way the boy's results happened, mau wouldn't be in the top 4 even if she gave the best performace.

EJ Bautista performed Paalam Na. FM said 'Malinis.' Pilita said 'You're always in the right key.' Ryan Cayabyab said 'It's just good enough.'

Suey Medina sang Almost over you. FM said 'You killed it.' Pilita said 'Very good.' Mr C said Suey did something good today. Mr C pointed out that he almost gave up on Suey during her rehearsals for that song but he was proven wrong based on tonight's performance.

Armarie Cruz performed Superwoman. FM said 'One of the best tonight.' Pilita said 'You are the superwoman tonight.' Ryan Cayabyab said the performance was very solid and that Armarie was very professional.

So based on the comments here are the stand-outs for the night's performance, Mau Marcelo, Armarie Cruz, Pow Chavez, Ira Marasigan and Suey Medina. But the results didn't necessarily reflect this. There were six who were called on stage. Yna, Armarie, Geli, Apple, Ma, and Pow. It was in this group that the top 4 female performers. The host Ryan Agoncillo pointed out that the voting was close in the sense thatup to 830PM they still were not sure who the top 2-4 would be. Ryan then called out Yna and Armarie. ONly one of them is in the top 4 and it is Armarie. He then called out Geli and Apple. Both of them were in the top 4. Mau and Pow were left fighting for the last top 4 slot. It was Pao who got the last slot.

The others who didn't make it still had a chance in the wild card night where 2 boys and 2 grils will complete the top 12. However not all 16 contestants will be singing in the wild card night as only 5 boys and 5 girls will be moving on and competing in the wild card night.

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