Boy’s Results Night

The boy's results night was a surprise for the judges and I guess for most fans as well. Only one of the top four in the eyes of the judges received enough votes to get to the final 12. The others who made it did not perform as well as the others who the judges pointed out . And there's even one who made it to the final 12 but sucked during his performance. I wouldn't want to name names but I guess viewers would know who I'm talking about.

If you missed what happened on that night, you visited the right site.

After a group performance by the 12 male finalists, Ryan Agoncillo divided the12 finalists into two groups. Group A and Group B. Ryan called out the names one by one and told them what group they should be in. The six who formed group B were Ramirr, Jan, Gian, Miguel, Reymond, and Drei. The other group was composed of Freddie, Robert, Ken, Onyx, Joseph, and Christian. It was then announnced that the group that has the four finalists is group B. Group A was asked to take their seats while Group B remained on stage. Ryan then announced Drei and Miguel are part of the Final 12. Ramirr and Reymond were then called on center stage. Betwen the these two guys,itwas Reymond who made it. This left Gian and Jan fighting for the last of the four slots. For many viewers like me, I expected Gian to make it since he was the performer in theBoy's Performance Night. Adding the fact that he was pitted against Jan who just gave a so-so performance, Gian was the logical finalist. Finally Ryan announced that it was Jan who made it according to the voters. The night did not only give four finalists. It also gave a shock to the judges and to the viewers like me as the best performers in the Boy's Performance niight namely Ramirr, Gian, Robert, and Joseph were snubbed by the voters. This made me think if staging Philippine Idol was a good idea altogether if andwhen the voters who will ultimately decide who the Philippine Idol will be do not know who to vote.

One thought on “Boy’s Results Night”

  1. I totally, freakin’ agree! I remember how so many Filipinos would get annoyed when certain contestants on American Idol, who sang well, were voted off.

    But now, it seems, that they like to cast underdog votes.. but that is friggin’ bull! This is Philippine Idol, not Philippine Charity Idol!

    What’s the use having sina Ryan, Pilita and Francis if their comments, opinions, and reactions don’t mean jack-TAE!

    If a guy like Gian (who was praised by ALL 3 judges many times) gets eliminated earlier than “certain” underdogs… not only am I going to stop watching this stupid show, but I’m going to write a complaint to ABC 5, demanding that devote an entire episode teaching “stupid voters” how to do more than just “key-in their votes.”

    Crab-freakin’-mentality! nuff said.

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