The Boys’ First Performance Night

Below is a run down of how the 12male finalists performed during this night and what the judges had to say:

Freddie Cabael sang Macho Guapito.

Francis said, during the autions he saw Freddie an Ameasian with the foreign look but after his performance he can now see the Pinoy in him. Pilita said she would like to see more of Freddie literally by advicing him to lose the hat. Ryan Cayabyab didn't enjoy that very much and suggested another genre for Freddie's next performance. Two out of three which is not bad.
Robert Bernades performed Take a look inside my Heart.

FM said Robert was relaxed during his performance and vocally equpped. Mamita complimented Robert's transformation as Robert slimmed down. Ryan said 'My bet.' Three outof three, impressive and for the maestro Ryan Cayabyab to bet on Robert like that Robert should be the happiest contestant.

Kenneth Dingle sang More today than yesterday.

Francis M said 'You had fun.' Pilita gave a warning to perform better than tonight on the succeeding rounds. Ryan C advised him to use his wide range to his advantage. The performance was ok over-all. He just didn't wow the judges enough.

Paul Andre Ybanez performed What you do for love.

FM said It's the best performance I've seen you do. Pilita said she saw confidence on stage with his performance. Ryan said he wasvery relaxed and his charm was oozing. That's 3 of 3 which is always a good sign.

Onyx Culala sang The Windmills of Your Mind.

Francis M said that Onyx's deep vocals is his weapon. Pilita said 'Kulang ng Pwersa.' The maestro Ryan C put it bluntly and said the performance was 'not beautiful.'

Giancarlo Magdangal performed Footloose.

FM told Gian:”You were born to do this.” Mamita commented on Gian'sappeal while Ryan C found Gian to be very professional and very sleek. He also said: 'I hope voters vote for you.'
Ramirr Greppo, the long haired rocker, sang Bed of Roses.

Francis M said 'Kinikilabutan ako.' Pilita just said four words: 'Ramirr, I love you!'. Ryan C said 'The best choice of song tonight. You'rethe singer to beat.'

Miguel Mendoza performed Highways of my Life.

FM said Miguel hadpotential but he should strive better. Pilita asked those from La Salle to vote for Miguel. Ryan C wanted a different song for Miguel since is not matrue enough for his choice of song. To put it simply, the judges did not like his performance.
Reymond Sajor sang Tell her about it.

A microphone malfunction happened during Reymond's performance. I thought he just forgot the lyrics but I guess that's what happens when the show is live. Reymond carried it well and performed again from the top in a seamless fashion. FM commended whathe saw as 'grace under pressure'. Pilita told that what Reymond did makes him a star while Mr C summarized it with 'Bongga ka!' I guess the malfunction made his performance even better.

Joseph Astor performed Why can't it be.

FM noticed Joseph's diction should be improved but he added that apart from FM said 'Pasok ka, pare.' Pilita started by saying 'I've always liked Piolo.' Joseph and Piolo have this similarity and it could be said that Joseph is the 'dark Piolo' in Philippine Idol. Pilita also pointed out that during the performance she could see Joseph's sincerity. Ryan Cayabyab said 'Gusto ko ang boses mo.' He also liked Joseph's earnestness and sincerity while performing. It's like he really wants others to see what he can do and show on stage.

Christian Masaga sang Have I told you lately.

FM said the performance was moving. Pilita said almost thesame thing by saying that it was full of emotion. Ryan Cayabyab said 'I would have wanted another song.' But on the brighter side Mr C said Christian's performance was good enough.

Jan Kurt Nieto performed Bridge ove troubled water.

I wasn't able to hear the comments of the two judges. Ryan Cayabyab said 'I didn'tlike the performance.' Ryan C was trying to connect with Kurt but he wasn't successful.

If we base what the voters should be voting from this night's performance and from the judges comments we would be having Giancarlo Magdangal, Ramirr Grepo, Reymond Sajor, Paul Andre Ybanez, Robert Bernales, and Joseph Astor in the top 6.