Some comments on the Philippine Idol Judges

I don’t have much to say in terms of the credentials of the Philippine Idol judges. Francis Magalona, Pilita Corales, and Ryan Cayabyab have proven their worth in their respective areas of music. They may have their stature in Philippine entertainment but there are still others who are not impressed. Some people thought Pops Fernandez would be a judge since she is somewhat in the mold of American Idol’s Paula Adbul. It would be a logical thing to think that way but the Philippine Idol team went with Pilita. As weeks pass by, I see now why Pilita is on the show. She has this certain niceness in her comments which puts the contestant’s perforamcne in a positive light. She also has this sideshow thing going on with host Ryan Agoncillo.

What Idon’t like about the judges during the autions is that they seem to be waiting for each other. This comment mostly goes to Francis Magalona. Doesn’t he have his own say? He seems to be waiting for Ryan Cayabyab’s and Pilita’s votes before making his mind. From what I watched on television especially onthe Davao auditions, the judges seem to be forming a consensus before giving a contestant the yellow pass. They have their own mindsand they should be able tomake their own decisions. If Francis M wants to say yes to a contestant, he shouldn’t be held back by what his fellow judges would say. If they argue and fight for a contestant that is their right as one of the three judges. It could be that Francis M is afraid of his co-judges since they are more senior than him.

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