The Road to the Final 24

The Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao audtions produced 164 Philippine Idol aspirants. The were trimmed down to 84. (I'm don't know how they were cut down to this number since I failed to see that episode. If you do know, feel free to comment.)
The 84 remaining hopefuls then were grouped by three's and were to perform one group number in front of the judges. This made 28 groups (I'm not really sure if the 28 groups were composed of 14 male and 14 female trios). From what I saw I would assume that there were four songs. (Two songs for the male groups and two songs for the female groups). The only song I remeber is 'I'm so excited.' I remember it because of the performance of the trio composed of the Luzon Visayas Mindanao conncection. This group had me clapping after their performance even if I was just watching them on tv.

After the 28 group performances, deliberations took place to cut 84 into 40. When the judges had made their decision, the 84 apirants were grouped into 4 rooms. The judges would then enter the room and announce to the group inside if they made it. Two rooms celeberated while the other two rooms ended their Philippine Idol Journey.

The competition continued the next day as the remaining forty were given a solo performance each. Another set of deliberations was due after the 40th solo performance. The judges would then make their decision on who will be included in the Final 24. I liked the manner in which the judges' decision was made known to the 40 remaining aspirants. The contestants had to go inside the theater one by one and had to sit in fornt of a judge waiting to talk to them. The judge then talks to the contestant and reveals his/her fate. 12 male idols and 12 female idols will then have to compete and fight for text votes which would land them a place the final 12.

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