Episode 3: Davao, Mindanao auditions

Philippine Idol’s episode three featured the last main audition site, Davao. It was said that Davao is a ‘king’ city in its own right becasue of the following reasons: a.) Davao City is the world’s largest city in terms of landarea b.) it is home of the Philippine Eagle, the king of birds c.) it is the source of the king of fruits, durian d.) it is where we can find Mt. Apo, the king of Philippine mountains e.) waling-waling can also be crowned the king of orchids for its beauty. It wouldn’t be surprsising if the next king or queen of Pop music, comes from this place.
I wasn’t able to get the exact venue (though it could have been Pearl Farm) but what i’m sure about is what happened. I may not be in a good position to say this but as a viewer I was disappointed in what I saw. There were those who I felt deserved to be given the golden pass but was snubbed by the judges. Ok fine, sure there those who performed well in their auditons and were given the opportunity to test their wares in Manila. But sometimes we would see even better performances from people who were not given the chance than those who got the gold pass. One good examplewould be this married girl. I’m not really sure what she sang but hearing her reminded me of Lea Salonga. The judges however didn’t really believe in her and said she’ll just have a hard time when she goes to Manila. It was a good thing she had her supportive stage husband comfort her after the judges snubbed her.