The Visayas Auditions

The Visayas Auditions for Philippine Idol kept me waiting till the last moment since during the episode, teasers of a mystery lady who auditioned tickled the imagination of viewers like me. I was thinking of a celebrity or maybe a high-society person or something like that. However, I was wrong since the mystery lady is….

I’ll continue with that at the end of this entry. Let me discuss first the other aspects of the Visayas Auditions. Hehe.

I guess this leg of auditions was a very good gauge on how universal the appeal of being the next Philippine Idol would be. Auditionees form all walks of life showed what they can and can’t do to our three celebrity judges. This was very evident if we base it on the professions of those who auditioned. Take for instance, the doctor, Randolph Libres, he said his profession would be part of his life forver but Philippine Idol is a once in a lifetime experience for him that’s why he joined. He was lucky enough to get the judges’ approval. There was also this auditionee who was a barber, Fred. Fred sang I’d rather by Luther Vandross. He exited the door happily since he also got a golden pass. There’s this dancesport competitor, skimboarder, driver, the list of aspirants is as diverse at it could get.

There were also those who I think felt they would make it but did not. There’s this operatic singer, Michelle Ortuestre. I also thought she would  make it since it would be interesting to see her if she makes it. The judges were not wowed by her performance and she didn’t make the cut. I guess there were high expectations for her. There’s also this guy who I thought would again make but did not. Let’s call him Mr. Mystica whose real name is  Win John Dacay. He sang this song from West Side Story. In the middle, he faltered since he tried too hard to dance the Mystica way. I guess it’s a learning thing for him that sometimes trying too hard isn’t the way to go.

Let’s go back to the mystery lady. This person was actually not a lady but dressed as a lady. The name is Kenneth Paul Alonzo also known as Yova. He sang Why does it hurt so bad. The judges were impressed with the voice since he sounded very much like a fine lady singing.

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  1. you know i find my name in the internet but nothing please pose my name so that i
    inspired please……

  2. Bakit hindi nadala Si Peter sa Manila as i can see he has an potential in singing because he have an powerful voice………

  3. is so nice and also the way he sung the song i feel so lonely and i find my lovelife even he is not here cause the song he sung is our Team song…………..

    so….dont give up Peter for me your the best……………..

  4. so……….to all co contestant dont worry cause im so proud to all of you……….

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