Episode 2

Philippine Idol held its Visayas Audtions in the Queen City of the South, Cebu. A host of high caliber Filipino singers such as Dulce, Manilyn Reynes,Vina Morales ,and Philippine Idol judge Ms Pilita Corales trace their roots in this province. The venue for this leg of auditons was at the compound of Big Foot Entertainment which also houses the International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT).

The episode proved to be a winner with its selection of audition clips and interesting personalities. Aspiring Philippine Idols from all walks of life came to the Big Foot Entertainment compound hoping to get that golden pass which gives them the right to go to Manila and go on and compete. This was very evident during the Cebu auditions as people from all professions, all genders, and even people not coming from the Visayas (there were those from Manila, and there’s oneform Australia) who tried and auditioned to be the first Philippine Idol.

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