Interesting stories at the Manila auditions

The Manila auditions housed an interesting mix of faces and voices for this first leg Philippine Idol auditions.

The following a just some of them:

a.) This girl who sings a Jackson Five song as her audition piece, is a victim of a cellphone snatching. She tried to fight back but was shot. She survived and now has acrack at becoming the next Philippine Idol as she received the yellow pass gven by the judges.

b.) A girl brought her supportive ‘stage’ mother with her during her auditions. The mom took special care of her daughter since thedaughter has hearing impairment. The judges gave the girl a yes and even asked the mom to join them inside the audition venue. She shares that her daughter has a hearing disability and this surprises the judges.

c.) This Fil-Am looking guy enters the room, he has this certain look that he doesn’t speak Filipino. To evryone’s surprise, he sings Freddie Aguilar’s Anak. The judges are happy with his performance.

d.) This girl who brought her entire town with her, walks into the room with this certain confidence. She wears this serious face and sings Sexbomb’s Ispageti Song. I think she even did it with actions. She gets the judges’ approval.

e.) A guy enters the room and faces the judges. The judges ask him abouthis surname, Quizon. He is a grandson of Comedy King Dolphy. He sings this R and B song. One of the judges says: ‘Mabuti na lang hindi mo napahiya ang pangalan ng lolo mo.’ or something to that effect.

f.) And of course, there those who tried and failed. Some I think were capable, some just needed more practice, some needed teaching, and a lot were funny.

Hopefully this nice mix of talent recurs in the other venues too so we’ll have more episodes to look forward to.