Some reactions on the girl’s results night

Compared to the boy's results, the girl's results night was less surprising. At least two of the best girl performers landed a slot in the top 4. Though not all the best girls made it, the results are still better than the boys wherein only one of top performers made it to the top. The two I'm talking about are Pow and Armarie. They were excellent in their performances and they were able to get enough votes. Am I surpised to see Jeli in the top 4? Not really. She's got beauty and brains. She can sing even if she hasn't wowed us yet. And I think people would like to see her more that's why they voted for her. I hope she delivers during the finals to prove that she can be the Philippine Idol. As for Apple Chiu, I think she's ok. She may come of as strong or mayabang for some. Though I think this can go both ways for her. Since malakas ang dating could also be a good thing for a performer–giving a lot of impact whenever he/she does her thing on-stage.