What can you say about Pinoy Idol on GMA7?

I’ve only seen one episode of the three so far and it’s just ok. I’m beeing nice when I say it’s just ok. It wasn’t bad as I expected but it wasn’t good either. Of course there were moments on the show that kept me in stiches but that’s the only nice point I can give it. I guess it was right for me to lower my expectations when I learned about the show’s composition. Compared to ABC 5’s Philippine Idol, GMA 7’s Pinoy Idol seemed to be the production of a network with less resources. Maybe I should watch more to judge better. But how can I watch more when I don’t even get excited about this show? I remember when I first saw ABC 5’s version, after watching I said to myself that I’ll be following this show closely. As for GMA’s version, hmm… I have yet to see anything that would convince me to watch other episodes. But I’ll give the show one more try. I’ll watch this Saturday and see it from there. What do you think about Pinoy Idol on GMA7?

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  1. Either DJ Mo or Drew Arellano could have been better choices as host. Richards is not spontaneous, to uptight, too nasal, seems to be just reading his lines…too bad. sayang ang pinoy idoy.

  2. i don’t like the show’s concept. pag auditions kasi, kung sino pa yung magagaling kumanta at nabigyan ng golden ticket, yun ang hindi pinapakita. tapos yung mga wannabes naman, sila ang pinapakita madalas. one thing, bakit di marecognized ang talento ng mga taga NORTE dun? ano ba yan! mas maraming magagaling kumanta sa NORTHERN LUZON. KAkainis YUNG KRISTINE. yung may Christian ALbum. akala mo kung sinong gospel singer eh nanlalait sa talento ng iba. hayyy. sayang

  3. Jolina Magdangal? What qualifications does she have to be one of the judges in Pinoy Idol? Im disappointed with the Judges… Why them??? Ogie is OK… he has been in the biz for a long time and has a name na… the other fat guy, don’t even know the guy… disappointing… sobra…

  4. Richard G as host… lame to be a host… they should put someone with experience not the looks… sucks…

  5. Jolina as Judge? wow! I hope they chose someone who knows how to sing well since they will be judging them on their singing talent… Jaya should have been a better choice or Regine, or Pilita Corales dami pag pipilian Jolina pa talaga?

  6. pinoy idol sucks. i haven’t felt any excitement upon it’s premiere show up to its present. what the hell are with those people. i can only see few talents. Philippine Idol in ABC 5 was way better a way more fascinating and let you sit in the couch and spend the rest of your hours watching it. i am so disappointed with pinoy idol. staring from its title to its concept and most especially the JUDGES and the CONTESTANTS damn it.

  7. raymond is booring… yea… drew arellano could’ve been a better host… but in general it was OK… siguro kaya hindi na ako “jumping up and down” (thanks randy jackson) kasi nakakawalan ng excitement ung after the first… it’s what you call the SOPHOMORE JINX…

  8. Pinoy idol is the best reality show I’ ve ever known….I LOVE YOU PINOY IDOL, muah,,hehehe. And GMA 7, forever in my heart…..(“,)…Hi ma’am Jolina, Hi sir Ogie, hI sir Wyngard….

  9. Judges??? 0 out of 100…

    Ogie…. walang dating….
    Jolina…. bakit siya.,. daming choices….
    Wyngard….wala namang alam sa music… kinuha lang para may panindak like simon… pero wala talagang K!!!!

    Host…. O out of 50….

    Drew is much better than R.G. pde ring si Ryan A.. but Raymond….???? eww…

    Contestants…. walang star quality….

    Station… bakit parang binaliwala ung Philippine Idol…??? “who will be the first pinoy idol…” yap… first pinoy idol nga ung term… but not the first idol franchise in the phils…

    ABC 5 pa din!!!! IBA TAYO!!!

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  11. Watch out for his performance later’s episode of Pinoy Idol…
    See for yourself how we is worth your every vote
    To vote just text:
    IDOL (space) JJ
    and send to:
    367 for Smart users and TNT
    2344 for Other Networks
    *You can only vote between 8PM of may 23 (just after the show)and 12noon of may 24!


  12. Yes I really agree that Philippine Idol gives the excitement to watch it comparing it to that of GMA’s Pinoy Idol. The finalist, yes they have talent in singing but i don’t thin they were good. The setting of Pinoy Idol is so cheap. and the judges I think they don’t take it seriously. I’m expecting so much from GMA I thought it will be grander, world-class but what the hell was that when I watched the show it was like Pinoy Pop Superstar is much better. 100% boring. Sorry but it’s only my opinion hope they will make it better and world-class because Idol is a world-class show don’t make it an ordinary talent show.

  13. This 2nd rate show is so hilarious. As much as they wanted to imitate the original American idol judges, they only sound very stupid and funny, very “copy cat” -tatious. Mr Wyngard is extremely “trying hard”. His nasty comments never correspond to the contestants performance. . It seems that he doest know what he is saying all the time! They cannot lived up to the real one. Judges opinions area not reliable. I am so concern with the original American Idol show, I so loved watching it. I’m a fan eversince. Its sad that its whole concept is being destroyed by GMA 7.

  14. Pwede bang palitan sina Jolina at Ogie ng premyadong singers…lalo na si jolina naku, walang K sa pagiging judge…

  15. EXCLUSIBO……!!!!!!!!SUPER SHOCKER!!!!!!

    Tumatatak ang memories ng american idol pero ang pinoy idol ang tumatanggal ng mga magagandang memories na yun. Walang ka taste taste ang show…Walang authority ang mga judges..pirated lahat…nangupya na nga ang sagwa pa..Nag paplano pa naman akong sumali, huwag nalang.

    You are nothing but a second rate trying hard copycat. Paano sila makakapag secure ng magaling na contestant na ipangtapat sa ABS kung ang mga judges mismo ang mga palpak.


    Palitan lahat. Palitan si jolina ni (regine , jaya, sarah geronimo, pilita)
    ogie ni (ryan cayabyab)
    wyngart (boy abunda)

    Paano nila matatapatan ang pda….go abs…

    Sometimes truth hurts so we appologize….

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  16. Vincent Christian Suhayon ay isang bayarang bakla lamang……..

    Napaka plastik mo nakakasuka ka,

    sing sagwa mo ang pinoy idol….

    Mag post tayo ng pawang para magising sila at ma improve pa ang show….hindi katulad ng baklang ito….


    Alam nyo kapuso kami kaya ginaganawa namin to para ma challenge ang mga staff………

    BAKIT BA????????????



  17. HOY ang mga contestant nila napaka sagwa ng tinig katulad ng mga
    judge wlang mapipili.ihinto na ninyo and show ito wlang itong patutungohan.BAd image to GMA puro copya.

    Wyngard feeling as Simmon pro wlang alam sa musika nagpapalaki lng
    ng kanyang tiyan para masindak ang contestant ,

    Jollina feeling gwapa….akala nya cya paula pro platita pla.wlang ibang comment kundi thumbs up at smile ang tanga.
    Ogie feeling nuno sa punso.

    O my GOd YAYA ur such a LOSer.

    mabuti pa cguro ung PInoy pop superstar.

  18. Akala ko “Live” ang Pinoy Idol! Mukhang editted na kasi hindi lahat na mga judges ay nagbigay ng comments after a contestant rendered a song. Di ba dapat marining ng mga viewers ang comments nila?

    Also, bawal ba ang Filipino songs? Di ko nakita ang sa Male portion but sa Females, not one contestant sang a Filipino song. Maigi siguro i-encouraged ang mga contestants to sing Filipino-composed songs.

  19. please support also these contstants:

  20. salamat sa mga sumusorta sa pinoy idol and sana tuloy tuloy ang panonood nyo tnx.!!!!!!!!!

  21. I like:

    Mr. Ryan Cayabyab, and Pilita Corales more!!

    Philippine idol is mile better than GMA’s pinoy idol.

  22. To Yanoami,

    I totally agree with you. Pinoy Idol was unwise not to get Mr Ryan Cayabyab – he was the most credible judge in Philippine Idol.

    Pinoy Idol will always be compared to the real thing, Philippine Idol.

  23. mas maganda yung sa abc 5 na philippine idol. itong version ng GMA ay parang low budget. pangit ng set. d magaling ang host – raymond g. konting enrgy naman.

    sa judges.. ogie is fine, jolina? why? why jolina? mas ok sana kung si jaya yun. wyngard? bkt si wyngard? d naman starstruck to? maganda yung franchise kaso ang pangit ng execution dito. sana mas maganda pa.

    gandahan naman yung set. ang baduy kasi.

  24. were very disappointed with the judges.. We only watch the show coz of the curiosity to see the performances but irritated by the judges. They have no idea with what they are talking about.. Gma should get somebody who knows a lot about music and not just some basic singers like Ogie and Jolina. Wyngard?He doesnt know anything but to just judge by saying good or not. No other specific criticisms.. It just shows how copycat he is. Simon’s copycat.. He is harsh to the contestants but doesnt even know how to criticize.. simon could be harsh too but atleast he knows what to say and how to explain it specifically. It is absolutely agreeable and realistic. To GMA 7, listen to the commentators… I thought im the only one irritated by the judges. I was shocked when i looked at the net and saw a bunch of annoyed people with the judges too.. Please…..Do something about the judges.!!!

  25. miserable. at least they should know what the job requires. yes i know thers nothing i can do to change this.. i just wanna take my chance to be heard somehow.. if gma cant change the judges,maybe they wud wanna consider reorientation.

  26. Bad choice o’ Judges… enough of the judges….
    this is what i can say… i think one thats should have been prioritized on choosing other than the judges is the band… THE BAND… i dont like the band and i dont like the sound mixing either… the band sounded bad… i can name pinoy bands or music directors way better than that band….
    why not music directors such as jay durias and let him pick people or his guys…

    if they had that guts of franchising the show… they should have put money 10 times of what they had put on it….

    masaya ako pag abs kumuha nito…at ang super expensive european na gamit nila audio system sa asap… sa judges id like to see Gary V. don.??

    this is shame… ano na ang sa sabhihin ng mga ninuno natin.. what will jose rizal, andress bonifacio and lapu lapu say… di ba kayu nahiya sa ninuno natin…

  27. GMA shouldn’t get Pinoy Idol the next time around… No nothing… No excitement, no energy, its literally dead… its like a bad dream of a stupid show rerun in the twilight zone where there is nothing you can do, but watch it in disappointment and disgust…

    The show has no heart… No Love… Its like the show is just for the sake of winning, judging, and showing… The music industry will die if that keeps on going… Talent is ok, like singing, but its also a skill that can be learned… even though sometimes its inborn to a person, if there is no heart, its still useless…

    Anyways, if GMA wants to entertain the people, they should entertain everyone… I mean everyone… they should always go with a bang… Like what ABS does with their shows, where everyone in our country and the other Filipino people all over the world enjoys… And including other nationalities…

    GMA has not done their best but only their worst.

    To all the networks, you are also representing the Filipino people, always do a great job with everything your doing… always give it your all, your love and your heart and passion in everything you do…

    Ratings are just figures and numbers that are not totally accurate because it could be manipulated… what cannot be manipulated are the people’s feelings of happiness and joy when they are entertained and touched with other peoples lives…

  28. And one thing more,,, bakit sila ganun mag comment??? etong mga judges nato?? I mean, lahat na lang puro pakabig sa mga contestants kahit semplang semplang na ang pag perform nila..

    Hindi ako naninira, I am just telling the truth,, si Ogie wala ng sinabi kundi “Beautiful, perfect, you did a great job” kahit palpak yung contestant. Actually mas gusto ko pa nga si Wyngard eh kasi tama naman yung sinasabi nya.. pati si Jolina, ang panget mag comment. Sabi nya ba naman kay Sue “Alam mo naku cute-an ako sayo eh, parang foreigner ang boses mo,” Ano ba yun? samantalang ang pangit at sobrang liit ng boses ni Sue,..

    Sana naman i judge nila ng fairly ang contest na to…

    At sana sa mga viewers, vote the right person na manatili sa contest. Currently lang, tinanggal si Walton,… eh sya ang pinakamagaling kung tutuusin..

  29. i really hate whats happening on the pinoy idol production… ang pangit ng musicality at hindi maganda ang production…. dapat si mel villena o di kaya si raul mitra ang kinuha nilang musical director…. parang katulad din ng pinoy pop superstar ang musicality-wlalng pinagbago.

    halatang tinipid ang idol stage… parang hindi ng effort sa pagpapaganda….

  30. Sana makaabot sa GMA ang mga hinaing nating lahat.

    Mahal na nga ang bigas pinapasama pa nila ang kaluuban natin.


  31. Hindi ko alam bakit gusto ng mga tao si Sue,,, sobrang liit ng voice nya…

    Sue, im sorry ha,,, pero kasi parang humihina ang quality ng Pinoy Idol pag hindi ka pa natanggal,,,,,

  32. Iba ang quality ng contestants sa Philippine Idol as compare to Pinoy Idol… Lahat ng nasa Pinoy Idol ngayon kailangan ng sobrang practice,, rehearsals,,, at vocal lessons,,,,

    Baka kasi pag tinapat na sila sa mga winners ng Pinoy Pop superstar, Philippine Idol, or sa The Champions,, or kay Mau Marcelo,,, lumubog sila at hindi na lumutang pa….

  33. tama me too dissapointed as in from the director na bakala direk louie ata yun pangit ng stage lng kagaganagana pti audience ang lamya di marunong pumalakpak inuutusan pa yata nila ay grabe en the sound system prang karaoke sa n ang budget ng franchising o ano binulsa nio na ba ay gma soree ah fan kse ako ng philippine idol nung abc 5 pa sia ngaun wla na pda mas ok sia sa kin because they make you grow like a tree tlgang i momold ka from small beigginings to bigger a dream.

  34. Hay naku, this show really really sucks! I’m so irritated when I’m watching it. First few episodes lang ang pinanood ko, then di na nasundan. Super boring na nga, ang pangit pa ng set, music/sound (tunog lata), host (walang kalatoy-latoy), judges (walang informative na masabi), contestants (over ang pagka-TH, mas magagaling pa yung mga sumasali sa barangay contest) everything really sucks! Ang yabang pa ng plugging nila yun pala wala naman binatbat ito dun sa original PI. Tapusin na itong show na ito, nakakahiya to the max kung ipapalabas pa ito sa ibang bansa (thru pinoy tv)! Nag-switch na tuloy kami sa PDA of ABS, kase di hamak na mas maganda yun kesa dito and mas maraming talented na contestant than this show.

  35. I think GMA needs to change the judges, especially Jolina. She’s trying hard to be a Simon with Paula’s brains. She is so mean, tactless, senseless, and oh so arrogant without a reason. I have this strong urge to change the channel everytime she opens her mouth. Oh girl, you’re not that hot, not that good, and definitely, not that talented.

    GMA, change the judges, they’re ruining the Pinoy Idol!!!!!! Ang layo nila sa judges ng Philippine Idol.

  36. my goodnezz.. talent search b tlga yan ng singing o search ng MUKHA/TINDIG para maging ARTISTA??? Pinanood ko ulit ung search lalo na sa mga province, and ang 22o mas magaganda boses nila kesa sa FINAL 12. un nga lang mas my mukha ung nasa FINAL 12. AMFT STARSTRUCK ba ito?
    PLZ.. sana paki-auz ung AUDIO/SOUND para maapreciate namin ung boses nila, den masyadong mailaw ung setting parang GAMESHOW/CARNIVAL, and last ung CAMERA sana wag n maarte o paikot-ikot, ang bobo ng DIRECTOR d2, ang galaw-galaw kya tuloy kung ano2x nlng itsura nung CONTESTANT.
    GAYAHIN nyu ung sa SINGAPORE IDOL, ganda ng AUDIO/SETTING kaya mukhang sosi.Lagyan nyu rin nmn ng daya ung MIC/AUDIO nila para mas maganda ung boses at echo nila.GASTUSAN nmn sana ung buong place para pagkumanta cla maganda ung wave ng sound at mala-CONCERT ang dating.

  37. Alam nyo ba guys na okay na sana na nasa bottom 3 si Sue nung last week, kaso hindi ko talga malaman kung anong kapit nito sa GMA pati na rin sa mga viewers (siguro sobrang dami lang talagang kakilala nitong babae na to) at hindi sya ang natanggal..,

    Sabi nga ni Wyngard, hindi sya pang Pinoy Idol… well true naman po yun mga kaibigan,, iboto naman natin kung sino ang karapat dapat.


  38. pinoy idol wow! sayang basura ang shows nyo,sukat bang gawing judge nyo si jolina at ogie sa napakalaking singing competetion na yan.you have to reformat your judges to make the contest better soon before going down,pati na rin si raymond gutierrez ano ginagawa niya dyan sa show.sayang ang oras ng viewers it’s too boring.
    the first philippine idol in abc5 is much better conmpared to your pinoy idol you are airing now,sana pagandahin nyo para hindi plop ang show ninyo kawawa ang mga contestant hindi pa sumisikat parang laos na agad.

  39. palagi ako nanonood ng pinoy idol, pero this time hindi na…!!Hindi na maganda ang mga nangyayari, na shocked talaga ako nung na eliminate si Robby Navarro
    napaka galing nya..!!infact he can hold the title of pinoy idol…!!Sa tingin ko hindi talent ang labanan sa show nyo kundi pera…!!Ogie, jolina, and wingard
    ano bang gnagwa nyo jan??di ba kayo ang judge?? dapat alam nyo kung sino dapat na matira at matangal!! bakit na nanatili pa si SUE??? dahil ba marami xang boto???Haler sympre,galing un sa mga kamag anak, kaibigan at ka kilala nya??
    Wala ng thrill manood ng pinoy idol… Lahat ng magagaling natatangal…!!!Ibalik nyo si Robby…!!

  40. walng kwenta kasi kung sino ang magaling un ang natatangal. daril dont deserve to be on top kasi wala syang talent pogi lang habang tumatagal nakakawalang ganang panoorin kung sino ung magaling natatangal pilipino nga naman pag pogi k khit d maganda bosers sosoipoirtahan kaya ung mga talentado tlg nawawala TANGALIN NYO SI DARILE

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