Philippine Idol updates!

If you happen to know of people who got the yellow pass during their auditions, please feel free to share their names and stories to this website. Who knows, maybe they ‘ll be the first ever Philippine Idol. Hopefully this website becomes a fansite for all aspiring performers who want to be the first Philippine Idol.

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Episode 1

The first episode of Philippine Idol featured its first major auditon venue, Manila. The PICC served as its venue, housing the thousands of hopefuls for the Manila auditions.

This episode proved to be a good pilot episode for Philippine Idol. It had a good mix of comedy and drama that each Philippine Idol hopeful provides.

Between audition scenes other footages are shown. Siyempre para hindi naman masyado nakakasawa. Kasi mahirap naman kung puro kantahan at audtion lang ang pinalabas the whole 60 minutes. So in between auditions footages, tv host Ryan Agoncillo shares interesting facts about the audition venue. for example, he mentioned some tourist destinations in Manila like the Baywalk. Aside from this,since this was their first episode, the judges had their time to be known. This makes us viewers aware of the judges credentials which are the reasons why they have the unenviable task of screening the next singing star, the Philippine Idol.

It’s Philippine Idol time!

Philippine Idol aired its first episode last Sunday 30 July 2006 to the delight of Filipino televiewers. I guess they really waited for the show to air since the announcement that a Philippine franchise would appear on ABC5. I wasn’t one of them since I’m not really a fan of American Idol or any talent search program (maybe except for Starcircle Quest 1). However, as a person with no cable tv, having new shows on tv excite me since it could provide me a much needed break from the monotony of local tv viewing. Philippine Idol did it for me and I guess I’ll be a regular viewer. I would think lots of people would do the same thing and be regular viewers of this young but amazing tv program.